Charlie Motew. An American Legend.

(I'm not just talking about banging) Let's go on a date. Get dinner. Adventure. Spit off of a bridge. You know. Fun stuff.

About Me

Learn More About Me, I'm Awesome

I'm an egomaniac with an inferiority complex.

Very intelligent

I can solve a Rubik's cube, I play chess. It can't be disputed. I'm probably one of the smartest people you'll ever meet.

Fucking Hilarious

I once told a joke and someone literally peed their pants. They peed. I made them pee their pants... because of how funny I am. Get it?

Best Patio Ever

Easily the proud owner of the greatest patio in all of scottsdale. Enjoy a glass of wine while we look over the city and talk about our dreams.

Ultra Kind

I genuinely care about people. Especially my friends and family. Nobody gets between me and my loved one. I also love animals, even the ugly ones.

Amazing Chef

Signature Dish: Seared ahi tuna (encrusted with sesame seeds), home made seaweed salad, bacon cinnamon brussel sprouts, with a pot de creme dessert.

Ridiculously Adventurous

Hiking, Waterfalls, star gazing, tornado chasing, hurricane surfing, solar flare tanning type of guy. Love adrenaline and serenity just the same.

Realistic Pictures

They may not all be sexy, but they sure as hell are real. Take a look through the many stages of me and my beard. Don't salivate too hard.

  • Me Being Fun

    with my brother

  • Professional Pic

    from the newspaper

  • Pool Shark Photo

    totally planned picture

  • Yeah, I Play Guitar

    not just a pose

  • Raging Beard

    can grow it back quick

  • I know Famous People

    me and sonny

  • Long hair

    sometimes I miss it

  • Pretty People Like Me

    not my sister...

Original Dates, My Specialty

Here are a couple of the last few dates I've taken people on. I like to keep it original, adventurous, memorable, and delicious. I will tailor make a date to your personality.


Nobody ever forgets their first time shooting a bow and arrow. It's different, active, easy to be good at, and you get a great souvenir!

Drive In Movie

Why fuck with a classic? Nothing like cuddling up under the stars in a drop top watching awesome action movies eating giant tubs of buttery popcorn.

Waterfall Hike

If you can hang, there is a certain serenity that comes with jumping off a cliff into crisp crystal clear water. Join me. It's hard work but fun.

Feed The Homeless

I needed to come up with something to match this flat design image of a hot dog...

Character Testimonials

You can take them for their word....why would they lie?!!

"His excellence and his grace is only surpassed by his ability to be humble. I wish I were more like him honestly..."

The Pope My Second Best Friend

"The first time I ever met Charlie, I asked him if he modeled"

Bryan My Best Buddy

"He is one of the most honest, amazing, handsome humans on the planet. He's very special"

My Mom You Can Call Her Julie